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Classic Single Coils for Telecaster®
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DC Resistance:
Customer Feedback
"I felt I had to comment on your wonderful IronGear Steel Foundry Overwound Pickups. I have just fitted a set of bridge and neck Pickups to my Mexican Fender Telecaster, I also upgraded the Electrics, by adding your great 4 way switch mod' which gives the switching as: bridge, then bridge and neck together, then neck, in the normal Tele ' modes. Then by flicking to the 4th position, it puts the Pickups in series, with a much louder' Humbucker like tone, which is great for lead parts, heavy rhythms, or jazzy tone with the treble rolled back! Now, I own a few other guitars that have coil taps and the like, but these Steel Foundry Pickups are wonderful, and I used it at a gig last night for the 1st time and through a blues junior, playing rhythm, I am really Impressed! Can't put this guitar down! If anyone reading this is thinking of fitting a 4 way switch, It's easy as long as you remember to "cut" the neck pickups chrome case to earth wire at the bottom of the pickup, (Shown on IronGear wiring diagrams), and get yourself a spare length of wire, (same length as the Pickups ones), and solder one end to the bottom of the chrome cover solder that is still left there). Then wire the hot, earth and cover leads as shown in the diagram. This action shields the pickup cover and stops hum from the bridge pickup Re the 4th position wiring changes, then "hey presto"! Job done! You can add in a nice Sprague orange drop capacitor between the volume and tone controls to smooth everything out, and also add an Axetec treble bleed between the first two tags of the volume pot to keep your tone from getting a but "muddy" when you turn the volume down. Recommended to all telecaster lovers out there, the tone of these Pickups is perfect for that longed for Tele twang, and beefy tone' when you want it! As good as any top quality Pickups you can buy, but probably better in my view, and much cheaper, so what are you waiting for.... Many thanks, Chris"... (Essex guitar services)
"I have just put the Steel Foundry Overwound neck pick up on, to go with the Overwound bridge pup I bought from you , and got to say the guitar sounds fantastic, I upgraded my friends Tele last week with the fender N3 and to be quite honest there's not much difference between the two guitars , if anything the Steel Foundry ones are brighter than the fender N3, well done very pleased with the out come and half the cost of the fender pups and that includes changing all the pots and switches. Thank you and best regards" - Dave Drought, St Helens, Merseyside
"Steel Foundry - what difference from the stock "fuzzy" pickup sound. Although I wasn't particularly unhappy with the sound of the guitar I was persuaded to upgrade due to the previous testimonials and the very reasonable prices. I'm just disappointed I didn't do it before. I now realise just how fuzzy the previous pickup was when distorted slightly and how flat the clean sound was. I can't put the guitar down now. To all Squier guitar owners out there who have stock pickups but aren't sure whether it's worth upgrading. Try these pickups, you won't be disappointed. I'm sorry but I really like my Squiers. The pickups is one area where they definitely cut corners. These IronGear pickups are great value for money that really enhance the sound of the guitar and, in terms of quality, far outstrip the price tag. Fellow Squier owners will know about value for money - these tick all the boxes. Do yourself a favour and get some!" – Ken, Edinburgh
"I wanted to put together a Telecaster, had all the parts except the pickups and pots etc. Looked at all the well known makes then found IronGear Steel Foundrys. So I bought them and I have to say that they are excellent and sound great and hardly any Hum and about half the price I would have paid! Well done Axetec!!! 10/10 for quality and the best customer service around." - Ray, Bedfordshire
"Hi, put [the Steel Foundry bridge pickup] in my Japanese Fender 72 Reissue Tele Custom replacing the Fender pickup. I found the Fender pickup very bright and a bit weak. The Steel Foundry has added the one thing missing from the guitar the Tele twang it sounds fantastic and such good value." – David Acklam, Brighton
"I just had to say thank you for these wonderful pickups, I‘ve replaced many of my customer’s pickups with all different types that you have supplied and I think they are all the dogs dangly bits! One of my customers couldn't believe his ears after replacing his Tele with your Steel Foundry chaps. Your Blues Engines are some of the best I've heard, I fitted a pair to a Gibson LP and they sound as good if not a bit better than the originals. I wonder what you are doing right? Please keep up the good work and the very wonderful prices." - Mike Webb, Ramsgate
"Finally got round to fitting the Steel Foundry into the neck pos. on my 62RI Tele. Boy, oh boy, was this ever the way to go! Awesome tone, beautiful and clear as a bell, and turn down the tone a touch for some nice woody jazz - mm nice. And for this price, I just want to buy a new guitar simply to shop for more pickups." - Simon, Kendal
"I recently took delivery of the Alchemist 90 and Steel Foundry pickups for an old Squier Fat Tele which I loved the feel of, but it never really had *that* sound. Suffice to say, it sounds amazing now. The old bridge pickup sounded mediocre, but the Steel Foundry sounds more Tele than ever, bright and cutting and super-twangy. The Alchemist in the neck sounds juicy, fat and mellow, but with enough treble to not be overpowered by the bridge in the mix. These pickups have transformed this guitar from one I wanted to like to one I unreservedly love. I'm now planning on trying out some of your products on my Epiphone Les Paul!" - Paul Wilson, Edinburgh
Bridge = 53.5mm, Neck = 50mm
Bridge:Steel/Fibre, Neck: Fibre
Length: 73/78 mm x Width: 38/20 mm x Height: 19/18 mm
Bridge: Black, Neck: Chrome. O/W Version
250kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Single Coil for Telecaster®
2 Conductor
Bridge: 6.0kOhm (OW:9.1kOhm), Neck: 6.6kOhm (OW:8.1kOhm)
AlNiCo V
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Everything from country to rock to punk.
Overwound" means adding a few more turns in order to increase output while retaining the essential character of the pickup.
Alchemist 90
Blues Engine
Dirty Torque
Hammer Head
Hot Slag
Metal Machine
Pig Iron
Platinum 90
Rolling Mill
Rolling Mill 2
Smoke Stack II
Steam Hammer
Steel Foundry
Steel Twin II
Tesla Shark
Texas Loco
Volt Active
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About Us
These pickups are aimed at wringing the last ounce of tone from your Tele®. Hard-edged brittle tones with real warmth, depth and clarity.
The Steel Foundry is an amazing traditional pickup for the Telecaster®. It's got loads of punchy "twang" and the neck pickup is outstanding for fluid bluesy runs.
The overwound versions provide a little more kick than you'd expect from a standard Tele® pickup which can be really useful when you want to drive your amp that little bit harder for lead work.
For the bridge, you can have any colour you like, as long as it's black. Similarly for the neck, chrome or chrome is available.
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